About & Contact

My name is Irma and I am a Swedish comic artist and illustrator.

From chunky cats to political satire and everything in between. I am fond of subjects such as feminism and lgbtq rights, and like to present my thoughts on the matters in a comedic manner. I’m no stranger to fiction, though, and some of my favourite genres are drama, romance and young adult.

I make my art accessible to youths, where I find I can make a lot of positive change and create thought and discussion. Comics are the best learning medium!

Beside art, I sing in a choir, craft my own cosplays and frequent the local second hand shops.

Email me at irma@vandenpoel.se and check out my Instagram.



Internship at Story House Egmont
Editorial/creative work in the Bamse division, including writing comic manuscripts and creating artwork, creative directing for Bamse covers, and various editorial tasks.

Comic workshop at Center of Cartoon Studies
Based in Vermont, this workshop does an intense, week-long deep-dive into famous cartoonists, drawing techniques and page layouts, resulting in my comic Beauty Standards and Pedophilia.

BA in Graphic Storytelling, The Animation Workshop, VIA University College
I learnt about visual storytelling in both long- and short form, script-writing, applied cartooning, world building, and many more ways to tell a story through the means of art.


Packing tape illustration
2023, Jonas Näslund AB
Illustration to utilise on website, social media, and as a personalised packing tape.

Portraits of the employees at captur.ai.

Ad for Symfoni
2022, Jonas Näslund AB
Magazine ad celebrating the anniversary of Jonas Näslund AB, Symfoni #3.

Ad for Musikant
2022, Jonas Näslund AB
Magazine ad celebrating the anniversary of Jonas Näslund AB, Musikant #3.

Make Music Not War
2022, Jonas Näslund AB
Anniversary poster for woodwind repair shop Jonas Näslund AB.

Alice Tegnér songs
2021, Länsmusiken i Stockholm
Scene costumes for a woodwind quintet performing in a kids’ concert.

Website illustrations
2021, Sam Larsen-Disney
Cartoonified versions of Sam himself, spread throughout his website sld.codes.

Gravid! Hvad nu?
2020, Mødrehjælpen
Three comics in an Instagram-friendly format, explaining how Mødrehjælpen can help expecting parents.


Illustration for an article in Hopp
2023, Uppsala pastorat
Editorial illustration introducing the church’s handbook in sign language.

Vad är viktigast?
2023, Bamse 8/23, Story House Egmont
Scriptwriting for a Bamse-story.

Krösus och skruttcyklarna
2023, Bamse 7/23, Story House Egmont
Scriptwriting for a Bamse-story.

Cover illustration Kyrkbladet
2023, Järna-Vårdinge pastorat
Illustration for a church magazine.

Virrvarr i Verkstaden
2022, Bamse för de yngsta #9, Story House Egmont
Scriptwriting for a standalone Bamse story for younger readers.

The Hackathon Survival Guide
2022, self published at hackathonsurvivalguide.com
With Sam Larsen-Disney’s words and my illustrations, we present this handy guide for a successful Hackathon experience.

Bamses skola om fördomar
2022, Bamse #4, Story House Egmont
Scriptwriting for Bamses skola.

Platypus anthology
2021, Cobolt
Anthology comprising the bachelor projects of the Graphic Storytelling class of ’17.

Cover art
2021, Kyrkobladet #3, Järna-Vårdinge pastorat

I våra bilder och föreställningar om Jesus speglas bilderna av oss själva
2021, Kyrkobladet #2, Järna-Vårdinge pastorat
Editorial illustration for a church magazine.

Længe leve legen
2019, Pædagogisk Extrakt #16
How do we integrate play into kids’ education? Issue #16 of this danish magazine has illustrations and cover by me.

Dannelse i en tech-tid
2019, Pædagogisk Extrakt #15
Cover and illustrations to issue #15 exploring education in the technological age.